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Cupping set Leonidov 17

Cupping set Leonidov 17

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Product number: LCS17

Vendor: leonidov-akupunktur

Weight: 1.45 kg

The cup set can be used for dry (bloodless) procedure with cups and for massage. The heads of the cups are made from special plastic, very resistant to hit, so there is no danger of breaking after falling on a hard surface, not like the cups from glass. The big rounding of the edge of the contact surface provides comfort during use. The cupping set is suitable both for professional application in the therapeutic practice and also for private application at home. The delivered cup heads, hand pump, connective hose and manual are placed in a portable suitcase. If necessary, additional cup heads can be ordered separately, in the available 5 sizes.

The cupping set consists of:
- 17 cup heads from plastic:
13 pieces with size 1 - 50 mm
1 piece with size 2 - 45 mm
1 piece with size 3 - 38 mm
1 piece with size 4 - 33 mm
1 piece with size 5 - 27 mm
- 1 hand pump
- 1 connective hose
- 1 manual
- 1 suitcase for transportation

Note: The information about the size of the cup heads relates to the contact surface - measured from the middle of the rounding. The inner diameter of the cup heads is as follows:
1: 44 mm
2: 39 mm
3: 34 mm
4: 28 mm
5: 21 mm

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